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Imagine being sucked into whirling vortex of happiness, white tulle, and stress. What’s happening? Is it a tornado at the Russian ballet company? Nope. It’s getting engaged to the best man in the world and planning a wedding for 300 guests in a mere 2.5 months. That’s what I’ve been up to since March 26th and what will continue to occupy my thoughts until June 14th, the day¬†upon which I become Mrs. Stephanie Anderson*…and leave all talk of napkins and tablecloths far behind me, I fervently hope. I am beyond excited and ecstatic to be marrying Ross (seriously, you have no idea), but I have discovered I am singularly unsuited to wedding planning.

As you may have noticed, I’ve been pretty scarce around here. Delirious happiness and insane workloads will do that to a blogger. But I do have some exciting news! Five Glass Slippers is now available in Italian! So, you know, pass that along to all of your friends in Italy.

And wish me luck; the wedding dress I ordered sadly will not work, so I’m about to loot David’s Bridal in what I hope is the fastest wedding dress shopping excursion known to woman. One month to go!

*Don’t worry, I’ll still be publishing under Stephanie Ricker, by the way.

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