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Always good to start things off with a Shakespeare quote. Macbeth, to be precise! This is going to be very, very long.

Ever noticed how ridiculously funny the words “come home” look next to each other? And yet it’s such a poignant phrase. It’s like when you’re reading a language you don’t know, and two words sound so goofy next to each other, and then you learn that it means “homesick” or something, and then you feel kind of like an uncultured 12 year old. Yeah, that happens a lot.

A livejournal community called osculations, which is dedicated to posting something lovely every day. If there’s something better than that, I don’t know what it is.
Mom says this on the news: paying it forward, Starbucks style.
Muslim Aids Jews Attacked on Subway. Wish the news reported stuff like this more often.
Did you know sloths can swim? Now you do.

Also, I don’t know if any of you watched the miniseries Tin Man on Scifi channel (er, probably not), but you should’ve if you’re any kind of Oz fan at all. I loved the books and the old movie, and thought that a “modern reimagining” was going to stink horrifically, but I actually kind of loved it, a lot. Granted, it’s a Scifi channel miniseries, so yes, it was a bit cheesy. Ok, a lot cheesy. And a lot of the effects were pretty sad. BUT! It had *so* many references and in-jokes harkening back to the movie and even the books that it was just so much fun to watch. It’s on again on the 24th starting at 5 (it’s like 6 hours for all three parts). I think that’s Christmas Eve, but that’s what VCRs were invented for. It was on the website to watch online, but alas, they took it down. Just, ah, don’t watch the trailer. It makes it look pretty dumb. :-/

We had such a grand time in Raleigh last weekend! We journeyed to Jerry’s Artarama (I am now the proud owner of new acrylics, sketchbook, and two calligraphy pens), the flea market (also proud owner of one antiqueish key), Trader Joe’s (proud owner of…food), Neomonde’s Deli, and Borders. Grand times were had by all, and the day turned out to be lovely, in spite of an unpromising beginning. Even though it had only been a week since we all saw each other, it was very good to get back together. My, but we’re a clingy group. It’s a little frightening, we should be sick to death of each other. I must admit that I’m still relishing the solitude here at home for a while, though I think I’ll be ready to go back in two weeks when we all move back into the dorms.

I have found the exact perfect temperature for running. After exams, it felt kind of like I was turning into a pathetic study/couch potato, so I’ve been alternating between running 2 miles and 1 mile pretty much every day since school let out. 50-55 degrees is PERFECT. I always have to stop running not because I’m that tired, but because I get so hot, but in this window of temperature, I feel like I can go for ages! It’s cold enough so that I stay cool but not so cold that my ears start to get chilly or you get that cold-ache in your lungs. Running is so weird. You get all into running mode and your brain does this little oooooooooooooooo thing for a while, it’s like degragmenting. And I notice so many little things. Two days in a row I could suddenly smell dog very strongly in the same place both days. There were no dogs around. What the cloves is that about? Actually, that’s something I’ve been wondering about: do other people *really* notice smells? I always know if someone has animals the minute I go in their house. It’s not that it’s dirty at all, necessarily, but I can just smell cat or dog. It doesn’t smell bad, just like a cat or dog. Now, outside dogs, I can smell them a mile away, because they do smell a little grungy, as a rule. But housecats don’t smell much at all, and once in a great while I don’t pick up on it and then I’m inordinately shocked when a cat walks in the room because I’m not expecting it. If I’m in the same room as goldfish, I can sometimes smell them too. Or, rather, it’s the food I smell, not the fish itself, I don’t think. I can usually tell if my brother’s around by smell, too, but that doesn’t necessarily take any talent. 😛

I’ve actually been working several days at the country club this break (turns out they needed help after all), which is a much-needed blessing, funds-wise. Everyone was really, really happy to have me back! I’m always kind of pleasantly surprised when that happens. I don’t know what I expect, exactly, but it’s always vaguely astonishing. However, I will say that listening to the same 12 Christmas songs, in various cheap renditions, for 8+ hours a day, several days in a row, is enough to drive anyone mad. If I hear that “silver bells” song one more time, blood will be spilled. *narrows eyes* They have the version with the Sinatra knock-off, the R & B knock-off, the whiny falsetto guy version… I may have nightmares. That’s not just me being grouchy about Christmas, either; the other people in the offices have regular music playing to drown it out, it’s that awful. Speaking of music, I’ve made it all the way to the L’s in the giant, soul-eating musiczilla project! Onward, to Ladytron!

One more quick little negative thing, then I’ll be done. My family is kind of stretched to the breaking point right now in terms of a lot of issues, so for those of you who are the praying kind, prayers would be appreciated. This blog is purely for frivolous purposes and I refuse to let reality intrude too far, so I’m not going into the nitty gritty details. Back to frivolity!

I’ve been reading all kinds of grand books lately, after my customary jaunt to the library. I finished off the Roald Dahl Sarah so kindly leant me, and then I read Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead by Tom Stoppard, as per the recommendations of Drs. Vaughan and Wallace. It was quite good, actually, I enjoyed it. Doesn’t surprise me that the professors did, either, it’s in both of their lines. Then I read Anansi Boys by Neil Gaiman, who is rapidly becoming one of my favorite contemporary authors. I don’t actually have many of those, but I readlly enjoy his writing style. It’s not blown-out-of-your-seat amazing, but very solid writing and very enjoyable. I can see why he sells so well. Then I read A Girl of the Limberlost by Gene Stratton Porter. I last read this book when I was 6, and I remember loving it then, even though I was mildly annoyed that it took me a whole week to read. This time it took me half as long, reading desultorily, so I feel somewhat vindicated of my 6-year-old-annoyance. The descriptions of nature absolutely enchanted me when I read it, and the more I think about it, this may have been what inspired me to really get into the outdoors. So much of what I read at that age made terribly strong impressions on me at the time. It’s funny what things I remembered from this book… Cut for spoilers and horrendously long rambling about this and other books

Silly girl, why do I even try to stay caught up with this? So much happens, I’d have to post half a dozen times a day. However, I will touch on a few highlights for you. 🙂

First, my internet finds, since I suspect that’s all some people come here for. *narrows eyes* I’m watching you.

Fantastic new Narnia trailer!
How many people died on the day YOU were born? Everyone needs a little morbidity now and then; it’s healthy.
Kids love to jump on beds.
Beatboxing flute and cello. Just when you think something can’t get any cooler, someone throws a cello in, and its coolness level goes up exponentially.
Ukulele Orchestra plays The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly.
The Sock Vlog. HILARIOUS Parisian Sock. I love how he says “complicated.” “I’ve got doubts.”
Smoking toad venom: the next big thing, apparently.
There are so many things wrong with this, I really don’t know where to begin.
Amazingly talented dancers: she’s missing an arm, and he’s missing a leg, and they’re incredible.
I’m adding Cappadocia, Turkey to the list of places I must visit one day.
Go around twice if you’re happy. You can skip the first minute if you like, but the rest is great.
Suspend your disbelief. We will do this one day, mark my words., for your charity of choice.
Addictive game for a good cause, what more could you ask for? I’ve only played once, but I got up to level 49 and donated 3000+ grains of rice. Sadly, that’s something like 3/8 of a cup. Guess I’ll just have to go for level 50…

Ok, so anyway! I finished The Great Divorce by C.S. Lewis, and it is definitely now one of my favorite books. Very, very good, and very thought-provoking. I highly recommend all of you read it. I also read The Wonderful World of Henry Sugar by Roald Dahl and I’m working on Matilda by the same author in the continuation of the trend. *scuffs toe against the ground* I may be kind of definitely a fan. I went to the library today and got a whole slew of books, so I’m very much looking forward to diving into those as well!

I had the pleasure of going to an awesome Flowers for Faye concert (well, there were other bands there too) the other night. I was the epitome of fangirlishness, standing in the front row, filming all their songs, and singing along, appropriately off-key and having a lovely time. The other bands weren’t bad either, and the funniest moment of the night went to either the guy who had to lift up his curly hair to see out over the crowd, or to the guy who accidentally fell off the stage while screaming into someone’s face. Good times, good times…

We’re officially on winter break now, with all of the conflicted emotions therewith. Though, I must say, I’ve also officially reached the horrible realization that I won’t be able to get everything done over break that I want to get done. This feeling snowballs until the day I get back to school, when I go into denial and tell myself I’ll get it all done during the semester instead. This never works, but I usually have so much fun it doesn’t matter much in the long run. You’d think I’d learn, though.

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