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Wow. I just confused the cthulhu and Culhwch. Talk about slipping. That was terrifying.

Other than apparently losing my memory, things are going pretty well. I should be freaking out about papers and the like about now, but instead I find myself with a hazy sense of vague well-being! Of course, that could just be the sleep deprivation talking.

The English language is dum.
Glowing cities under a nighttime sky. Nighttime is always one of those words I do double-takes on and am never quite sure is real.
Atlantis discovered on Google Earth! Maybe. I can dream.
What news anchors do during commercial breaks. Absolutely awesome.
Lille by Lisa Hannigan, quite possibly one of the most beautiful songs I’ve ever heard.

I must share with you some school moments. I’m taking German 410, Love and Death, which is literature translated (mostly) from German about (you guessed it!) love and death. It’s a fascinating class, taught by the philosophy professor, who operates about 17 intellectual levels above most human beings and is thus rather too cerebral for complete comprehension at times. However, he is one of my favorite professors of all time, and I reproduce for you the following:
Dr. T, after a long, harrowing discussion on death: “Do you know what I always carry in my bag?” *reaches into the bag ominously*
Mike, one of my fellow English majors and partners in crime: “An AK 47?” The class watches in horror as Dr. T draws forth…
Dr. T: “Better than an AK 47 – The Complete Works of Plato!”

Dr. S, my favorite history professor, was discussing the military advantages in the Civil War. “If I had a grenade,” she said, eying us speculatively in class, “I could take out at least five or six of you guys…*long, long pause*…I would never do that.”

Well, I’m off to find some apples or cheerios or chocolate milk or something else wholesome.

Rediscovering my love of/creeped-out-ness with Rasputina tonight! I got lots and lots o’ things done and felt justified in listening to cello and then watching the new Heroes, which was weird, had an odd mixture of really awful and really good dialogue, and was quite cool in spaces, which pretty much sums up Heroes in general.

Some links and fun things:
Her Morning Elegance by Oren Lavie, stolen from my roomie.
Raisin Brahms!
In Japan, you are what your blood type is.
Over lunch, we discussed how one would go about killing a 40-foot snake. I voted for hand grenades.
We all have our hobbies.
Which led me here, in true Youtube time-wasting fashion. I love how effortless that one guy makes it look, like he’s flying.
Oh, those Russians and their ice ages. Maybe if these scientists clash with the global warming scientists, the resulting explosion will alter earth’s climate to be practically perfect. *nods* That’s my theory.

People are so…I use hilarious for lack of a better word. If you haven’t seen them for a while, they revert to stock questions to fuel conversation. When you’re young, it’s “Wow, how you’ve grown!” Even if you haven’t grown at all. Or it’s “How’s school?” Now, the latter, at least, still applies. But the former, well…I think people need to come up with new stock questions. Today we went and visited some old neighbors (keep in mind we moved less than a year ago, it hasn’t been THAT long), and one of them said to me, “Wow, you’ve lost a lot of weight! You used to be chubby, didn’t you?”

Is this the new stock question? I sure hope not, because it was kind of awkward. I laughed (what I hope was) easily and said I’ve actually always been about the same, which is true. These people have known me for 6 years. In 6 years, I have not grown at all, and I have been the exact same weight. I do not understand. I say we invent new stock questions! For instance: “Have you considered procuring an iguana as a pet lately?” or “So how have your opinions on the color chartreuse changed over the past year?” Surely we can do better, people.

First history exam on Monday! Every little thing about this last semester is so full of nostalgia, I can’t believe I’m actually sort of looking forward to an exam. The nostalgia does not, however, extend to studying for said exam. But I’ll do that tomorrow! Back to my creepy cello music I go.

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