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The thunderstorm outside is splitting the very bonds of space and time. Were I a small child, I would no doubt be hiding under my bed. As it is, I just want to run around outside, but I realize the folly of that idea.

Also, I don’t fit under my bed anymore.

It’s been a really long time since I’ve updated this! Hmm. Ed went to college, I went to college, college is great.

Some great things I have found on the internet:
Happy news: this may be the best community on livejournal.
If this doesn’t make you smile, you may not be alive.
Billy Shakes.
I want to be this dog.
The fascination with treehouses continues.
I especially like the one with the two birds and the one with the guy and the rabbit.
Dog with two noses!

School really is wonderful. We are such a close group of friends, and when we all got together again, it was as if we had never left. Day after tomorrow, a bunch of us are going on the Campbell bus to see a Shakespeare play, and I anticipate hilarity. I love all (well, mostly all) of my classes, and my professors, and I love working in the English department, and I love my top-bunk eyrie, and our basket of fruit in the dorm. If life were only college, how uncomplicated and beautiful it would be. Or would it? Perhaps not. At any rate, I must share some pictures with you:
Leaf parasols keep off the rain.
Strange people in the woods.
Faith is a dryad.
My fingers are on fire!
Finally getting the hang of close-ups.
A tree in the middle of a plain, which is actually a 2-inch weed in the sand.

There now, go to sleep.

You seem to have stumbled upon a storytelling of ravens. Watch for falling collective nouns; you may find a wing of dragons or a charm of hummingbirds caught in your hair. Hardhats are recommended.

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