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So many snow and ice days, or partial days! Glorious. And often ill-timed, unfortunately, what with this being the busiest time of the year at work. Next Wednesday is supposed to be in the 60s, but Thursday it’s supposed to snow. Schizophrenic weather.

In much sadder news, we lost another Star Trek alum. The standard to which I hold all men is based mostly on 1. My dad and 2. Spock. Thank you, Leonard Nimoy. I raise my eyebrow in salute.



A book update will have to wait, since I still haven’t quite managed to finish The Killer Angels. It’s brilliant! I’m just too busy. Soon, soon.

I had a delightful ice day (which is what you get in the south when places north of the Mason Dixon line get a snow day) this week and have been remarkably unproductive in anything that is not drinking hot chocolate, building tiny ice snowmen, or making snow cream out of crunchy ice. Not sorry.



So say you like scifi and have a bit of a thing for dystopias. But say you also love medieval history with large doses of Latin thrown in for good measure. Then have I got the book for you (and me). A Canticle for Leibowitz by Walter M. Miller, Jr. manages to provide all of the above, all wrapped up in a dismally bleak, frequently heart-wrenching, but somehow hopeful and endearing package.  The novel began its life as three shorter stories, inspired in part by Miller’s experiences as part of a WWII bomber crew that helped to destroy the monastery at Monte Cassino in Italy (which happens to be where my grandfather fought during his WWII service). I get the feeling (one of my favorites) that there is so much more to be discovered in this book; subtle symbolism and intricate references abound, and a re-read will one day be required.

Currently reading The Killer Angels by Michael Shaara. Review to follow!

I had a professor once who said, “Oh boy, I get to use the phrase, ‘critically acclaimed!’ ” and proceeded to give us examples from critically acclaimed films. I feel the same way about the phrase “international bestseller”…and I get to use the phrase literally!

Five Glass Slippers is now a bestseller in the US, Canada, and UK! We hit #1 in several categories, including Fairy Tales. All of us are thrilled (and dazed) beyond measure! As a result of the renewed interest in Five Glass Slippers, The Battle of Castle Nebula has also had a nice spike in sales on Amazon and Barnes and Noble. Not on the bestseller list yet, but I’m keeping my fingers crossed!

You seem to have stumbled upon a storytelling of ravens. Watch for falling collective nouns; you may find a wing of dragons or a charm of hummingbirds caught in your hair. Hardhats are recommended.

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