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I’m hard at work on the first volume of The Cendrillon Cycle, and by hard at work I mean procrastinating like mad.  I enjoy writing, but anyone who says it isn’t like pulling teeth is either lying or much, much luckier than I am at this whole thing.  Unless I’m typing furiously in an immanent deadline-induced hysteria, the darn thing just doesn’t get written.

Adventure update: When last your heroine got off her lazy bum and posted about anything other than promotional stuff, she had not yet (I don’t think) been on a secret mission to Ethiopia (Ashee Ethiopian Cuisine).


Agents after a delightful dinner.

Nor had I gone to see the NC Symphony play the live score to Fantasia, which was…wait for it…fantastic!  You guessed it.  Delightful puddle-jumping in a proper NC downpour followed.  Some may question the hygiene and wisdom of puddle-jumping barefoot on the streets of downtown Raleigh, but I, fortunately, am not one of those responsible people.  A get-together with an old professor, excursions to Bond Park and strawberry picking, driving a golf cart for the first time, doing the Tir Na Nog run twice (and surviving!), going to a play at State, travelling to South Carolina and Illinois with my boyfriend to get together with his family members, seeing The Princess Bride at Booth Amphitheater, contra dancing twice, and hopping over to Carolina Beach and Fort Fisher for a day are a few other highlights.


Agents off-duty

Over the 4th of July weekend, I went to the Garner fireworks and got completely soaked while listening to the NC Symphony and watching explosions in the sky.  Totally worth it.  I also finally saw Captain America 2 on July 4th itself, which was very fitting.  This week I went on another secret mission to Australia (also known as Outback Steakhouse) in which my fellow agent and I saved Canberra from destruction, in spite of my poor Morse code skills.  We also helped Sam paint her new house (!!) and move into it, and we participated in the annual Cow Appreciation Day with Sarah and James.


Bovine couple

You may be seeing a common theme in these photos.  That theme may or may not be the reason I’ve been remarkably absent from the blog world these past few months.   I’d say I’m sorry, but it’d be a lie.

Danielle came to visit for over a week, and we went on a frankly ridiculous number of adventures, including blueberry picking, exploring the Langdon farm, hiking at Umstead Park (and falling in the stream, if you’re me), going to the planetarium, checking out a comic book store and a regular book store, visiting Ornamentea, and eating EVERYWHERE, including Neomonde, Tangerine Cafe, Kimbap, Mediterranean Deli, The Piebird, Escazu, and (somewhat less eclectically) Olive Garden.

Books: I’ve been remarkably deficient in my reading lately (maybe for the same reason that I’ve been deficient in blogging), so I don’t have too much of an update.  I did read a collection of comics, The Greatest Superman Stories Ever Told, which were astonishingly mediocre for a “best of” collection.  One or two stories were good, most were so-so, and the rest were just abysmal.  I’ve been told it’s not a good sampling of the truly good Superman tales out there, which is reassuring.  I’m not much of a comic fan under the best of circumstances, but I was about to give up altogether halfway through this one.

I’ve been reading Absalom, Absalom by Faulkner for approximately an eternity.  The book is good, one of the best works of his that I’ve read so far, but I’ve just been too busy to make much headway.  This reminds me much more of The Unvanquished (one of my favorite Faulkner books) and less of The Sound and the Fury or Go Down, Moses (both of which I disliked, partly due to their seemingly intentional obfuscation).  Rampant overuse of the word “repudiate” aside (seriously—it’s Faulkner’s favorite word), I can see the value to this one, and the story line, while still a little confusing, is fairly coherent and easy to follow by comparison.

You seem to have stumbled upon a storytelling of ravens. Watch for falling collective nouns; you may find a wing of dragons or a charm of hummingbirds caught in your hair. Hardhats are recommended.

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