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I just finished How to Publish Your Book by Jane Friedman, part of The Great Courses, and I felt it deserved its own blog post.

It also deserves a spot on the must-read list for anyone who would like to get their writing published, even (perhaps especially) if they intend to self-publish. The course is written by Jane Friedman, possibly one of the most qualified people in the country to do such a thing, and it outlines in great detail how to find a literary agent, how to write a great query letter, and a lengthy list of what NOT to do at each step of the way towards, during, and beyond publication. Friedman is kind but doesn’t sugar-coat, and she doesn’t waste the reader’s time. Her realistic, professional approach to the market was refreshing, and I will be recommending this book to many of my editing clients.

While the book mainly focuses on the traditional publishing market, this is invaluable information for someone self-publishing too. To compete effectively, or at all, with traditional publishing, self-publishers need to understand the market–and it is a complex, rapidly changing one. The publishing landscape has changed so radically in the last twenty or even ten years that many of the strategies that worked before simply aren’t viable. Don’t expect to make it big doing what someone else did to make it big in 2009; times have changed, and writers have to change along with them.

You can get the book on The Great Courses website, naturally, but I was able to listen to the audiobook for free using the Overdrive library app, which I highly recommend. Don’t miss out on these insights!



Most of you who have read my books know that my first novella was published in Five Glass Slippers, the first Rooglewood Press anthology. Winning the contest gave me my start and launched the rest of the The Cendrillon Cycle; that single event has had the greatest impact on my writing.

Now Rooglewood Press is inviting YOU to join in their final creative writing contest for the Five Poisoned Apples anthology. If you’ve ever toyed with the idea of submitting an entry for the previous contests but did not, don’t hesitate this time: do it. This contest is an amazing opportunity for writers, whether brand new or established. Click here for the contest details!

And just check out this gorgeous cover, folks.


Learn more about the photographer, Wynter Clark, here at her website. Julia Popova has done all of the covers for the Rooglewood Press anthologies (Five Glass Slippers, Five Enchanted Roses, and Five Magic Spindles), and more of her beautiful work is here on her website.

Now go get busy writing your very own retelling of Snow White…

If by some dark miracle you have not yet read Five Glass Slippers, here’s your chance to get a taste of the anthology for free. The Moon Master’s Ball by Clara Diane Thompson is currently available for free on Smashwords, Nook, Kobo, and Kindle. After reading the story, you’ll immediately want to pick up the whole collection in Five Glass Slippers, which also includes my book, A Cinder’s Tale.


At last, the third installment of The Cendrillon Cycle has launched today! You can now buy your paperback or ebook copy of The Star Bell on Amazon. I hope you enjoy the voyage!

Here’s what an advance reviewer has to say about The Star Bell:

“Ricker knows how to end a chapter with a good cliffhanger. Expect to read for longer than you intended.”

Are you a procrastinator? (If so, hello, fellow brethren.) Good news, though: It’s not too late to enter the Goodreads Giveaway for a FREE autographed copy of The Star Bell!

Goodreads Book Giveaway

The Star Bell by Stephanie Ricker

The Star Bell

by Stephanie Ricker

Giveaway ends June 06, 2016.

See the giveaway details
at Goodreads.

Enter Giveaway

If you don’t win this giveaway, put The Star Bell on your Goodreads shelf to be notified the next time a giveaway is listed.

It’s also not too late to get your ebook copy of The Battle of Castle Nebula on sale for only $0.99. Don’t wait too long, though–this deal ends the first week of June.

Happy reading!


We’re coming up on the release of The Star Bell! Interested in a FREE autographed paperback copy? Enter the Goodreads Giveaway below!

Goodreads Book Giveaway

The Star Bell by Stephanie Ricker

The Star Bell

by Stephanie Ricker

Giveaway ends June 06, 2016.

See the giveaway details
at Goodreads.

Enter Giveaway

If ebooks are more your style, go ahead and pre-order your Kindle copy of The Star Bell on Amazon for instant delivery on May 27th. And of course, The Battle of Castle Nebula is still on sale for $0.99 on Kindle!

The Cendrillon Cycle, Volume 1Hello, everyone! We’re now only two weeks away from the launch of The Star Bell, and I’m incredibly excited. In celebration of the event, I’ve put The Battle of Castle Nebula, Volume 1 in The Cendrillon Cycle, on sale for only $0.99 on Kindle. If you haven’t read it yet, this is your chance!

TheStarBellFinal (1)As we get closer to the launch, there will be other exciting opportunities, like a Goodreads giveaway of an autographed paperback copy of The Star Bell (assuming I can get the darned giveaway feature to work–we have not been getting along). Remember, you can preorder your Kindle copy of The Star Bell any time you want, so it’ll magically appear in your Kindle on the 27th. You can also add it to your Goodreads shelf.

Life has been jam-packed and then some for what feels like an eternity, but I’m shoveling the commitments into a pile out of sight for a while to take a break. It’s my June goal to return to blogging weekly again, with fun stuff like book reviews (remember when I used to post those?) and other cool things, not just spamming you with promotional news. Stay tuned for the return of the good old blogging days!

This is not an April Fool’s joke! I just have terrible timing. At long last, the next volume in The Cendrillon Cycle is available for pre-order! The Star Bell will launch in Kindle and paperback formats on May 27, and you can pre-order your Kindle copy now on Amazon. Go ahead and add it to your Goodreads shelf too!

TheStarBellFinal (1)

Elsa Vogel has left her cinder’s life behind to sail with her companions aboard the Sovereign as it embarks on an exploratory mission. The crew’s destination is past the star bell, the last marker of civilization, into uncharted territory.

Elsa is determined to find out what lies beyond the star bell or perish in the attempt. But life aboard a Fleet frigate isn’t at all how she dreamed, and old ties to the Tremaine Mining Company—and to her past on Anser—are not so easily severed.

Pick up the story where A Cinder’s Tale, published in the internationally best-selling anthology Five Glass Slippers, left off! And don’t miss the first volume in The Cendrillon Cycle, The Battle of Castle Nebula.

You may be wondering, why Volume III? What happened to Volume II? You’ve probably already read it. Here’s the lineup:

The Cendrillon Cycle
Volume I: The Battle of Castle Nebula

Volume II: A Cinder’s Tale 
(published in the Five Glass Slippers anthology)

Volume III: The Star Bell

Clear as mud, no? But I thought it would be less confusing than someone reading The Battle of Castle Nebula and hopping straight to The Star Bell without knowing what happens in A Cinder’s Tale.

Either way, I’m so excited for the upcoming launch of The Star Bell, and I hope you enjoy the story!

Great news! The Battle of Castle Nebula, Volume 1 in The Cendrillon Cycle, is now available for sale in paperback! The ebook is of course still available in Kindle and Nook.
The Cendrillon Cycle, Volume 1
I’m so excited to see this volume in tangible form, and I love how the wraparound cover turned out. Catching my first glimpse of that Quoth the Girl brand on the back was thrilling!

Unfortunately, the less-great news is that Volume 3 in The Cendrillon Cycle has been pushed back to a spring 2016 release. However, my goal is to simultaneously release Volume 3 on both Kindle and paperback.

Haven’t read Five Enchanted Roses yet? Not sure if it’s your thing? Well, it is, and I don’t know what’s taking you so long to read it, but just in case you need further convincing, The Wulver’s Rose is now permanently free on Kindle, Nook, and Kobo! Check out this story, one of the five tales in the Five Enchanted Roses collection. You’ll immediately want to pick up the whole collection, as well as Five Glass Slippers, the first fairy tale retelling collection put out by Rooglewood Press, which includes my book, A Cinder’s Tale. Quit dragging your feet!


I interrupt frenetic last-minute wedding planning to bring you great news!

Rooglewood Press is delighted to introduce their third fairy tale novella contest—

Five Magic Spindles

Five Magic Spindles

a collection of “Sleeping Beauty” stories

The challenge is to write a retelling of the beloved fairy tale in any genre or setting you like. Make certain your story is recognizably “Sleeping Beauty,” but have fun with it as well. Make it yours!

Rooglewood Press will be selecting five winners to be published in the Five Magic Spindles collection, which will be packaged up with the phenomenal cover you see here. Maybe your name will be one of the five listed?

All the contest rules and information (how to enter, story details, deadline etc.) may be found on the Rooglewood Press website. Just click HERE and you will go right to the page.

Rooglewood Press’s first collection, Five Glass Slippers is available for purchase, and the second collection, Five Enchanted Roses is scheduled to launch on July 27, and is currently available for pre-order. Be certain to get a copy of each and see what previous winners did with their wonderful retellings.

I was honored to be a winner in the Five Glass Slippers anthology, and I can’t recommend entering highly enough. Publication gave my writing a huge boost, and I am so grateful for the opportunities afforded me through this contest. Check it out!

You seem to have stumbled upon a storytelling of ravens. Watch for falling collective nouns; you may find a wing of dragons or a charm of hummingbirds caught in your hair. Hardhats are recommended.

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