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Oh, you thought the excitement had died down? Ha!


If you’ve been dallying about ordering Five Glass Slippers on Kindle, dally no more. Rooglewood Press is running a 0.99 cent special for all of their books during the holiday season, and this includes Five Glass Slippers! The promotion begins Christmas Day and lasts through January 6th. This is your chance to get A Cinder’s Tale, the first novella set in the Cendrillon universe, for practically nothing.

Five Glass Slippers is also officially available as an audiobook on Amazon, Audible, iTunes, and I’m not even sure where all else. Rooglewood Press is also doing a drawing to win one of three free audiobooks! Don’t miss it, kids.

And don’t forget, I’m also doing a giveaway of a paperback copy of Five Glass Slippers in honor of the release of The Battle of Castle Nebula. Come on, guys…don’t miss out on all of these free books. Enter the giveaway here!

The Cendrillon Cycle, Volume 1
The time has finally come! I’m thrilled to announce that my novella, The Battle of Castle Nebula, (The Cendrillon Cycle, volume I), makes worldfall today, the first day of winter. If you enjoyed the world of A Cinder’s Tale in the Five Glass Slippers anthology, explore that universe further in The Battle of Castle Nebula:

She has nothing left, not even her dreams. But Elsa Vogel still has her duty, and she will do it, no matter the peril, no matter the anguish in her heart as she leaves her ravaged home planet, perhaps never to return. And the same tragedy that tore Elsa’s life to pieces also transformed the lives of others. Others who may need a reason to go on living, after the cataclysmic Battle of Castle Nebula…

The Battle of Castle Nebula ebook is available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble. Don’t have an e-reader? Not a problem. Amazon offers a free Kindle app for almost every device.

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