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Sadly, the trees at the elementary school were not that great. Also, there are evidently all sorts of very strict rules about trespassing on school property, going by the signs and padlocks. I did find another climbable tree here at my apartment, but it’s nothing special. I think I’ll have to go back to the park with the crazy strangler figs for truly adventuresome climbing. I really would love to sleep in one fantastic tree in particular…then I played that scenario in my head, and in it some couple meandering by late at night heard me in the tree and called the police, and they came and shone flashlights in my face and gave me a ticket for…um…being in the park after hours or something, and impounded my car, and I thought that perhaps it was not worth the risk. Also, the mosquitoes are horrible in that tree.

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It is certain: my thesis is to be published in the Explorations undergraduate academic journal! I am absurdly excited about that. Look out, world. I will conquer you, one excessively long paper on Tolkien at a time.

Distressingly, it would seem that my coworkers do not take Talk Like a Pirate Day seriously. I, however, had a blast on Friday (Talk Like a Pirate Day Observed), and dressed in appropriately piratey attire (which was mainly an excuse to go barefoot all day long, since I think it impossible that Floridian pirates would wear boots in this climate).

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Today I was walking along in the grass next to a road and suddenly a fairly large crab saw me and scuttled away into the brush. I thought maybe I had imagined it, it was so strange. Were you real, crab?

I went to a park near here today, and I saw two very tiny little boys struggling to hoist a likewise very tiny little girl into a tree. It was the most adorable thing ever, and I would’ve taken their picture if it wouldn’t have been creepy.

The park, incidentally, has the most magical trees I’ve ever seen. It turns out they’re strangler figs, which is a terrible name for a beautiful tree. If you scroll down in that article a bit, you’ll see a pretty accurate representation of what they look like. The ones in the park look exactly like the sort of tree you’d find Peter Pan and the Lost Boys in. There’s a heartbreaking “No Climbing Trees” sign on the best tree, which I ignored today and had a glorious time.

It’s been a quiet week, though I did succeed at last in getting a Florida driver’s license. This required leaving the apartment at the crack of dawn to brave the insane Fort Lauderdale traffic. Careening at 70mph on I-95 (horror of horrors) at 7:30 in the morning in the pouring rain is not the most relaxing way to begin the day. I found the dmv, waited in line, then all of their computers crashed, so I waited while they reset them, forked over large amounts of cash, waited some more, then their printer died while printing my license, but I finally got it. My NC driver’s license wasn’t terribly insulting. My Florida one is atrocious, probably because I was smiling and then the lady said, “Oh, it’ll take a minute yet,” and then the flash went off early, so I have the droopy remains of a smile and a dazed expression. However, by then I was so glad to be done with all Department of Transportation business that I left in a happy haze and was only 10 minutes late for work because of more traffic on the return trip.

I’m still very new to the ways of Florida. Today I went to the beach and was thrilled to discover it was mostly empty. So I splashed around happily in the water and realized, hmm, this current is pretty strong, and the water is a lot higher than usual. Then I looked around and realized no one else was in the water. Suspicious, that. THEN I saw the giant red flags hung everywhere saying to stay out of the water because of deadly riptide. Oops. I just hunted for seashells after that. Be careful of the riptide, kids!

I’ve figured out (one reason) why Florida feels so foreign. I haven’t seen a single crow or raven since I got down here. Not even one! Where are you, my feathered minions? Who will do my bidding now? Sigh.

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