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Angsty, stressful week! No more of that.

I took a very last-minute trip to Tallahassee, Florida, escorting a friend. The day ultimately went well, but on the way home the flight from Tallahassee to Tampa was probably the most exciting of my life. I walked out onto the tarmac, and the plane was TINY. Eight windows on a side, double propellers. They tried to start the engine as we passengers walked up, and it just coughed pathetically the first two times. I felt like cheering when it finally caught on the third try. Inside, there was one seat on either side of the aisle. When I say tiny–I was sitting in the left window seat, and from there I could reach over and touch the right-side window. The guy I thought was the attendant turned out to be the copilot, and he retreated behind some incredibly flimsy plastic doors, leaving us passengers to our own devices. Literally–some guy played on his smartphone the whole flight. If we had all crashed and died, I would’ve been extremely cross with him.

It seemed touch and go whether we would get off of the ground, but we made it, even if it was only to slew around wildly for most of the flight. The cabin wasn’t pressurized, and there seemed to be a very small hole in the wall right next to my seat, through which shockingly cold air poured. Every so often the propeller on the right made an alarming hacking sound. At some point the copilot opened the flimsy doors, and we could watch them in the cockpit. This was particularly interesting during the landing–I thought that process was mostly automated, but this time it took two guys constantly pulling levers and possibly looking just a little bit worried, going by the expression on the backs of their heads. But we did land successfully, even if it did sound like the landing gear snapped off in the process. No one else seemed concerned, so I decided not to be, either.

Speaking of airline pilots…

Oh dear, it’s been forever, and I have accumulated so many things to share with you, most of which are now old and outdated.
Old and busted.

During the last meeting of the esteemed Literary League (currently comprised of myself, Sam, Sarah, Charity, and Anne Elisabeth, with satellite member Danielle), we got to talking about literary characters we sighed over when we were young. Anne Elisabeth and I said we should definitely write our book heart-throbs up for our blogs, particularly since so many of them were the same characters. AE was, as always, miles ahead of me and promptly posted hers. Here is my considerably more belated version, for any out there who want to read the salacious details of my literary love life. 😛

This is possibly the most girly thing I have ever written in my 24 years.

You seem to have stumbled upon a storytelling of ravens. Watch for falling collective nouns; you may find a wing of dragons or a charm of hummingbirds caught in your hair. Hardhats are recommended.

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