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Since finishing Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell, I have seen crows/ravens every single day, I think. I realized this the day before yesterday when a bunch of them woke me up, then yesterday I was driving to work and a crow flew parallel with me for a while. Perhaps it’s the awakening of American magic…Either that or I’m headed to Valhalla.

I have been having such dreams lately! There was one that involved Captain Picard and running around through the woods with the CU crowd, and we could never get where we wanted to because of the golf carts. Then there was one involving a quest for a parallel parking spot in front of a cathedral, where we were going to have dinner with our old minister, who is actually dead. Last night I had one that was so close to real life experiences at college, I almost thought it was a memory. A bunch of us were all eating some kind of catered dinner in one of the classrooms, and we were all just talking about normal things. We commented on David’s new haircut and Nathan’s holey jeans, Amanda said we all needed to go to my house because the food was so good there, Donald acted mock-stern and fatherly when I said something silly, and Faith hovered, sniping fruit from the trays when she thought no one was looking.

The best dream by far was the other night. There were two brothers, and I was sort of the younger one, only not really, because later in the dream I was myself, if you know how I mean. Anyway, these two brothers had figured out a new way to move that let them almost but not quite fly. They could run incredibly fast and not get tired and jump foreverly high and not get hurt. They lived in a very tall wooden house with wooden stairs and ramps running from the sides around through some trees and brush, changing levels and connecting at different places, all very steep and a little maze-like. So they/we were running and leaping and almost-flying all on the wooden stairs and paths and it was so much fun! Then the real me found out about it and they were trying to teach me how it worked, only something went very wrong at some point. It gets hazy around there, but it involved snakes. It was worth it, though; I love the feeling in dreams of being able to run forever and not get tired.

Oh yes! It is summer.

I’m working at Staples and still hoping for that job at the country club…might hear back from them today. Hopefully…

Almost done with God Emperor of Dune by Frank Herbert! Such an amazing writer, I am in awe of his ability and his depth. I get the distinct impression there is so much awesomeness that I’m not even catching it all, and I’m simply going to have to reread all of them at a later date.

Some links (I promise, I do so much more than waste time on the internet!):
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Which leads to talking dogs, obviously.
M. Night Shyamalan is planning a new movie!

Ok, well that was fun. 🙂

You seem to have stumbled upon a storytelling of ravens. Watch for falling collective nouns; you may find a wing of dragons or a charm of hummingbirds caught in your hair. Hardhats are recommended.

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