This will be another post about the new house, to give you fair warning in case you want to skip it and come back when I’m talking about books again. The house is after all what is keeping me from the book talk, so posting pictures seems like justification for my absence. “Look, this is what I’ve been doing instead of blogging!” It was a wild week involving surprise mold under the sink (NOT the fun kind of surprise, I can tell you), some buckling laminate flooring, and other exciting times, but here’s the stuff that has actually worked out. Click the pics for bigger versions.

This is our living room, which is to say the first part of the library. There are two more bookshelves that didn’t fit in the picture. The second picture is just our scifi/fantasy books when it came time to organize the books (by FAR the most fun part of moving). I spent a delightful day doing nothing but dividing books into genres and then alphabetizing by author within each genre. Don’t judge me.

The Hubs really wanted a fireplace, and even though this one is gas, it’s still better than no fireplace. The tree is a decal I had on the wall in my office for years and managed to scrape off the wall with my fingernails when I quit my old job. The tree was coming with me, dangit. We don’t have a television, but we have a really cool projector, so we project movies and such on the wall above the tree. It’s like having a giant tv without having, you know, a giant ugly tv taking up one whole wall.

We also really wanted an open floorplan since the Hubs loves to cook and bake (lucky me!) and hates having the kitchen isolated from whatever else is happening in the dining room and living room. Plus, we can fit in the odd bookshelf in the dining room.

The first photo is my cool work-from-home office (also known as the second part of the library–there are four bookshelves that didn’t make it in the picture). The guest room/exercise room is the third part of the library, wherein the Hubs keeps his massive comic book collection. The last photo, dark and poor as it may be, is to illustrate that yes, we do have matching swords, and yes, we do use them for window decoration in the master bedroom.

When we moved in, there was a rotten ramp and porch left behind by the previous resident. It was pretty dangerous, so we dismantled it (messy middle photo), and the photo on the right is the end result. I’m starting seedlings in the cups, and so far both the basil and the tomatoes have sprouted, so I’m already set for bruschetta, basically. The green peppers have refused to sprout so far, but I’m hopeful I can talk them into surviving.

2017-04-29 19.10.33 We also put in this teensy little garden and started a compost bin, so it’s getting all Little House on the Prairie up in here.


We did not grow these lovely strawberries, alas, but we did have a grand time picking them. And drying them. And freezing them. And making them into pies. Well, the Hubs made them into pies. I ate the pies.

I promise proper adventures and book talk next time, not lame house stuff!