November was full of marvels. The best one was that at long last, the Hubs finished his master’s degree in medieval history! He had slaved over it for 5.5 years. (For those who don’t know, he’s a teacher and was working 60-70 hours per week during those years, so it didn’t leave a lot of time for master’s work.) I planned a massive surprise party for him, and we actually managed to surprise him! This is quite the achievement. My husband can smell surprises. My brother did a really cool vlog about the party here.

We also hosted Thanksgiving for both sides of the family here at our little apartment for the first time, which went really well! There’s a long but fun video of that too. The part at our house starts around 4:20.

We went to NC ComiCon dressed as Peggy Carter and Steve Rogers and had a BLAST!

Then we reprised our Lord and Lady Macbeth costumes for a trip to the renaissance fair. It was in the 50s and kind of drizzly, so we had to make some cold-weather adjustments, but they worked well!


We also just so happened to go on Time Traveler weekend (hence the cool costumes sported by the other members of the group) and had a great time taking photos with some of the props.

A busy, costume-filled month! It was fun, but so full of commitments that I kind of wanted to sleep for a week. Lots more to tell in December, but it’ll keep till next time!