This post makes me really happy. I haven’t shared music I like in a really long time, so most of these songs are no longer remotely new, but they’re still songs I enjoy and would like others to hear if they haven’t already had a chance to do so.

Making time to do things I enjoy has been the theme of life lately. This past spring was so hellacious that I vowed I would never have another season like that again. I wrote 5,000 words per week on The Star Bell for months at a time and was too tired to enjoy any of it. I managed five conferences in five weeks (the same time that edits were due on The Star Bell), and flying home from one conference in San Francisco at the end of April, I was so tired I just wanted to cry. But I couldn’t because my seatmates on the plane would’ve been weirded out, so I wrote a newsletter article and worked on formatting for paperback for hours because I had to.

I decided that something had to change. I’m going to start exploring other employment options with less stress and travel, starting this fall. I’ve also promised myself a whole year of no writing. I have to get to where I can enjoy it at least a little bit again. I’ve cut back on my editing work, and I’m cutting back on social engagements that I don’t truly enjoy as much as possible (those pesky “I should go…but I don’t want to” events).

June was lovely. I implemented a lot of cut-backs, did nothing with writing other than marketing my books, and took a week off work to celebrate my first wedding anniversary with my amazingly patient husband. I read books again and listened to music again. Blissful. July is already busier (this July 4th weekend involves dinner with friends, cookout with more friends, fireworks with more friends, and a second cookout with more friends), but I’m going to try to hang on to this healthier, happier pace of life.

Happy Independence Day, and enjoy the music!