Is it–can it be–a book review?

It is.

I read A Celtic Miscellany recently, which is a collection of Welsh, Irish and Scottish Gaelic, Cornish, Breton, and Manx poetry and prose selected and translated by Kenneth Hurlstone Jackson. It’s aptly named; this collection is definitely a hodgepodge. Some of it is brilliant:

I shall not go to my bed tonight, my love is not in it; I shall lie on the gravestone–break, if you must, my poor heart. There is nothing between him and me tonight but earth and coffin and shroud; I have been further many a time, but never with a heavier heart.–Welsh; traditional verses; seventeenth century?

Some of it is wryly entertaining:

The world has laid low, and the wind blows away like ashes Alexander, Caesar, and all who were in their trust; grass-grown is Tara, and see Troy now how it is–and the English themselves, perhaps they too will pass!–Irish; author unknown; seventeenth-eighteenth century.

Granted, some of it is dull too, and I was disappointed that so many of the selections were fairly modern (sixteenth through eighteenth centuries) when I was hoping for more of the older, harder-to-find Celtic poetry of the first thousand years AD. Some of the excerpts seemed to leave off in odd spots. Overall, though, I enjoyed the somewhat random assembly of stories and poetry.

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