Temporary madness seizes us all occasionally.



Mine took the form of signing up for the Spartan Sprint, a 5-mile mudrun with 20+ obstacles including throwing myself over walls varying in height from 8-12 feet, crossing giant monkey bars, crawling under an interminable field of barbed wire, hoisting 100-150 lbs into the air, carrying sandbags while running around hills in the woods, carrying a bucket of rocks up and down a hill, scaling a bouldering wall, carrying a boulder, climbing a rope, and too many other ridiculously hard activities to name.


Cargo net: by far the easiest thing I did that day.


Ending with a jump over the fire pit.

My brother ran with us and filmed with his GoPro. He’s a professional videographer, so his video of the event is fantastic and makes us look so much cooler than we really are. Thanks, bro!

The race was a blast (I particularly liked the walls), but I would think twice before doing another one quite this intense. A 5k obstacle/mudrun would closer to my level of athleticism, and my husband, who has done a million of these races (because he’s a beast like that and his madness is of the permanent variety), said it was the hardest one he had done with the exception of the Tough Mudder, especially when it came to upper body work. I did get pretty woozy at one point and had to sit down, and that muddy rope climb at the very end of the race was not happenin’. The Spartan Race isn’t quite like other mudruns in that if you can’t complete an obstacle, you’re supposed to do 30 burpees before continuing. I don’t know if you’ve ever attempted 30 burpees, but it’s rough. Like an idiot, I completely forgot sunscreen, so I turned into a sore tomato the next day. I then transformed into a red, peeling banana. Devastatingly attractive!



Slightly cleaner.

Still, as my first mudrun/obstacle race, the experience was a TON of fun, and I’d love to do something similar again! Without burpees.