I know. It’s been an eternity without a proper post. I am without excuse.

To be fair, however, I am in the twitter-pated stage of a relationship, I’ve been working like a dog on various projects, and I’ve been traveling a lot. So I guess I have excuses, they’re just not great ones.

Everything cool I found on the internet is now obsolete, but I’ll probably post links anyway…eventually.

My trip to Colorado was exceptional! The conference itself went well overall (though there are always a few hiccups…one speaker didn’t show up until 4 minutes before she was scheduled to talk, so I was having a small heart attack by then, as you can well imagine). In the evenings after work, I found the Tattered Cover bookstore and explored the 16th Street mall.  I spent a few extra days in the state because I’ve always wanted to go to Colorado. I saw a picture of it when I was 3 and decided that I would live there in a log cabin when I grew up. I didn’t change that goal until more than a decade later, so it must have been one heck of a picture.

In my free time in CO, I hiked Rocky Mountain National Park, which was exquisite. I could’ve spent days just doing that, but unfortunately time was at a premium.

So fuzzy!

Anyone know what these things are?

But what ilk of elk?

Chilling with some elk.

I had an exciting time hiking the park; turns out the map that the rangers hand out at the gate is rather incomplete. I ended up on an unmarked trail and found myself on an unidentified mountain top with day drawing to a close.

Don't tell me you're not itching to explore.

Beautiful! If only I knew where I was…

But enjoying it.

So lost.

I finally ended up following my own trail back, since the loop I thought I was on was not, in fact, the loop I was on. Googling after the fact revealed that I was actually on a 13-mile trail that would have put me very, VERY far from my cute little rental car, so I’m glad I turned around when I did.

The next day I hiked Green Mountain near Boulder, Colorado. I love Boulder. I could easily live there. The hiking is great, and on the way down I almost stepped on a deer leg, which I’m told was an indication a mountain lion was nearby. Didn’t actually see one. I’m not sure if I’m disappointed or glad about that. After that non-encounter, I went to the Boulder Bookstore, which is practically heaven, and then had lunch at Two Spoons Café, which was definitely heaven. I found an exquisite copy of William Timlin’s The Ship that Sailed to Mars, and even though it was huge and weighed a ton, I managed to fit it in my suitcase. Then I went on a tour of the Celestial Seasonings Tea Factory, which was fascinating. We walked into the mint room, which is basically a vault where they store all of their mint so that it doesn’t contaminate everything around it because the aroma is so strong. The menthol in the air immediately made everyone’s eyes water. The tour ended in the tea shop, so naturally you can imagine what else I had to cram in my suitcase when it came time to pack.

I had a pretty quiet day on Saturday and met a friend for coffee at Pablo’s. We had such a good time talking that there wasn’t a whole lot of time to do more after that, so I had a quiet evening in (working on editing and whatnot) and flew out the next day. I’d had a wonderful time in CO, but I was glad to get home—and even more so to find a certain young man waiting for me with flowers, in spite of my atrociously late arrival time. I’ll spare you the nauseatingly smitten gushings, but suffice it to say, I seem to have found myself a keeper.

Book updates, etc. to follow!