I know.  I’m so far behind on blogging, I’m practically ahead.  I have a string of (what I think are) decent excuses, but nobody wants those!  Instead, take this exciting piece of news and chew on it: the official release date for the Five Glass Slippers anthology is June 14th!  AND.  THERE’S MORE.  (*fans you with a towel*)  You can pre-order it now on Amazon!

I promise a proper, less self-aggrandizing post…but it may not be soon.  Between things blowing up at my day job (not literally, unfortunately) and spending time with my amazing young man (I seem to have one of those now), I’m left with a tiny sliver of time for such necessities as sleeping, eating, and doing laundry.  Which is what I’m doing now.  The laundry, that is.  The situation had become dire.

All that is to say, I may not be sticking to a regular posting schedule for the next few weeks, but a few internet tidbits should sift through here occasionally.