This will be short, since it’s been an impossibly long week…but it was made significantly better by the arrival of my check for A Cinder’s Tale!  I don’t think the thrill of getting paid to write fiction will ever get old.  I made stuff up…and people paid me for it.  COOL.  Speaking of A Cinder’s Tale, Anne Elisabeth Stengl talks more about it and the other stories to be included in the Five Glass Slippers anthology.  Check it out!

Next week I’ll be in Richmond for work all week.  The downside: the Edgar Allan Poe museum is closed whenever I’m not on the clock.  The upside: I’ll be going with lovely people and will no doubt manage to have adventures in spite of the tremendously long work days.


Good to know:


Books: A friend loaned me Starship Troopers by Heinlein because I complained that the only Heinlein I had read (Stranger in a Strange Land) was…well, heinous, and not really scifi at all.  I TAKE IT ALL BACK.  (Well, most of it.  I may like Heinlein now, but Stranger in a Strange Land is still heinous.)  I love Starship Troopers, and I’m just about finished with it.  I want to sit down and write a paper about its military philosophy comparing it to various historical ideals, but I’ll probably settle for hunting down some more of his work and just pretending Stranger never happened.