In an effort to “market myself” and use “social media” and do other ridiculous things with quotation marks around them, I created an author page on Facebook and…*cringes*…a Twitter.  I feel slightly ashamed, since I’ve essentially done nothing but mock Twitter since its creation, but I have to admit…I can see the appeal now.  Except for the character limit, that’s annoying as all get-out.  My wit cannot be constrained to 140 characters!  A couple honest-to-goodness strangers have followed me, which is quite thrilling, and I’m up to about 100 Facebook likes.  In my book, that’s an incredible amount of fame.  I’m done, I can go home now.

Last weekend was supposed to be quiet, but due to my car leaking coolant and a crazy baby shower, it was fairly eventful.  StopLeak seems to have remedied the car issue for the moment, and I survived the liquid marijuana (the name for gummi bear-flavored vodka, apparently? You learn something new every day.), so overall things could’ve been worse.

It’s safe to say this weekend will be cooler, though, since I’m going to a Casablanca-themed party and watching Thor 2 at the dollar theater.  And editing.  Always editing.  I finished my story revisions at last, however, and the dang-blasted things have been sent on, so I refuse to think about that for a little while, no matter how the plot bunnies proliferate.  Figures, I get more ideas for the story AFTER I’ve finished it than I did while writing it.






Books: I finally finished Shadow Hand by Anne Elisabeth Stengl, and my sluggish pace certainly was NOT due to the book content; I just didn’t have time to clap my eyes on the page very often.  I loved that this installment of the Tales from Goldstone Wood drew heavily from the darker myths, particularly from the Irish myth of Crom Cruach (which corresponds quite well with Cren Cru in the novel).  If you thought Irish mythology was only full of twinkly, craggy-faced old men and friendly leprachauns, you are very wrong: Crom Cruach is one of the most terrifying stories out there, in my opinion, and I suppose it’s fitting, then, that this book was by far the creepiest of Stengl’s novels to date, at least to me.  There were quite a few other touches of mythology I enjoyed, and it was wonderful (as always) to come back to characters from previous books and learn what happened to them.  At the same time, I was slow to warm up to the main characters, and while I did enjoy the book immensely, I have to admit Starflower is still my favorite of the series…so far.