Last weekend was a blast from start to finish.  On Saturday I went to a Princess Bride themed costume party and got to meet a fantastic bunch of people.  I dressed as farmgirl Buttercup from the beginning of the movie and won best female costume of the evening.

She was actually really rude.

“Farm boy, polish my horse’s saddle.”

I made (Peanut)Buttercup cookies for the occasion, which turned out well.  Most cookie recipes call for a mixer, which I don’t have, so I just stir until my arm gets tired and hope for the best, an approach that has so far been moderately successful.

On Sunday I went to the farm for a visit and got to meet tiny little James!  Confession: I’ve never held a baby before (except for my brother when I was a toddler), so this was an earth-shattering experience.  What if his head falls off??  There’s no warranty on this thing! But I survived, and baby James survived, and it was a lovely morning.  Afterwards I spent hours shooting (archery) with a friend and playing with dogs in Willow Spring, so the day was basically perfect.

My roommate, who is super cool and talented, was co-starring in one of a series of one-act plays at State, so I went to see All in the Timing by David Ives last night.  I enjoyed myself immensely, and now I want to read everything he’s written.  I highly recommend The Universal Language in particular.

All that fun, however, meant that I was horribly behind on my editing clients and on my own revisions for my story, so I’ve been playing catch-up all week.  Revising is remarkably like pulling teeth without Novocain, in my experience, and I thought it was over…but it isn’t.  Back to work.


Know this:


Books: I’m working on Shadow Hand by my friend Anne Elisabeth Stengl, though sadly I’ve been so busy that I’m creeping along at a snail’s pace through the novel. What I’ve read so far has been great!  I’ll post a full review once I’m finished.