You guys.  What if sailing stones are just weeping angels caught in Death Valley?  Too few people come through to feed on the time energy, and they’ve worn themselves down to nothing scooting across the rocky floor.  These are the things I think about at night.

The baby shower was a big success!  No one died, and no one even reported digestive problems.  (If there was something I don’t know about, just let me continue to live in blissful ignorance.)  Cutesy things that I made include…

Eat us before we eat you.

Slightly murderous hedgehog cookies

Completely non-poisonous.

Toadstool patch made out of string cheese, tomatoes, alfalfa sprouts, and a sprinkle of parmesan.

The squirrels would be disappointed.

Acorn candy–easy to make, but veeeery time-consuming.

They didn't say anything.  Too shy, I guess.

I also made origami foxes as favors.

No matter where you turned, a hedgehog was staring at you.

Woodland critters EVERYWHERE.

My birthday was this week, so I celebrated last weekend with my family at Olive Garden, on Friday with my coworkers at Neomonde, and I’ll be celebrating with my friends tomorrow at Chuck’s Burgers.  I have some pretty fantastic folk in my life.  : D  Alas, I didn’t get any snow to speak of on my birthday, but I did get to move into my new office.  Pictures will be forthcoming once I get it jazzed up.  Right now it, uh, kind of looks like a dungeon with (mostly nonfunctional) fluorescent lights.  We’re working on it.

The other highlight of the week was heading back to Campbell University (for the first time in ages) for Burns Night.  The poetry and music and food was good, but the best part was seeing a lot of favorite professors and staff and hanging out until far too late with my English major colleagues of yore.  Good times, folks.  Being back on campus is always so surreal; so much has changed that my college experiences seem like dreams too incredible to be true.

Know this:


  • Cannibal rat ghost ship.  Holy cow, someone turn this into a story STAT.  (Admittedly, the press has hyped this way up; the ship has almost definitely sunk by now, and even if it hadn’t, the rats would’ve died off by now.  BUT STILL.)
  • Peter Freuchen, whose life was one long string of incredible experiences, including that time he “once escaped from a blizzard shelter by cutting his way out of it with a knife fashioned from his own feces.”  You will never be this tough.
  • Silk: interactive generative art.  There goes your weekend.
  • Boss of Sherlock Holmes museum attempts to clear killer.  “The trial and conviction of Michael Stone would have caused the author of the Sherlock Holmes stories to choke on his pipe.”