Extremely hectic (but excellent) week!  So busy, in fact, that I am woefully behind on my Sherlock finale review and won’t have a chance to post it for a day or two.  Sorry, to all 5 of you who were looking forward to that.  I saw the (bloody brilliant) episode on Monday with some friends, but there hasn’t been any time since then to type up my obsessively detailed ramblings.

On Sunday I went to hear the Hickory Grove Bluegrass Boys, who were playing in a little church in Smithfield.  It was one of the most intensely Southern experiences of my life, and the church was packed with little old ladies, who all hugged me and fed me and gave me sweet tea.  Fascinating, bewildering, but enjoyable experience!

Tuesday turned out to be fantastic for a variety of reasons, not least of which was seeing Ender’s Game at the cheap seats with a pack of friends and going out for hot chocolate and good conversation at Cup of Joe afterwards.  In the long-term, however, the most exciting development was at my day job.  Guess who will be getting a raise, an office, and a bonus?  This girl!  The office is small and windowless and I’m pathetically grateful anyway.  I’m beyond excited to get out of the cubicle farm.

Poor Lucky was an emotional wreck this week since my roommate Allison was out of town, so I spent a good bit of my evenings consoling a tiny wailing beagle who was probably convinced that I had killed her beloved person and usurped her place.  Allison is back home now, and Lucky is back to her usual slightly neurotic but happy self, which relieves everyone involved.  The rest of my evenings were spent trying to tackle overly ambitious recipes for Sarah’s baby shower on Sunday.  I’ll take pictures of anything that doesn’t poison anyone because these are some disgustingly cute-looking finger foods.




Books: Unbelievably, I’m still working on The Worm Ouroboros.  I read War in Peace in far less time, and I liked that far less.  I’m hoping this week will feature more page-turning and less running around like a headless chicken (not that that isn’t fun on occasion).