The majority of the Literary League girls met at Escazu, but alas, Escazu was out of the pumpkin spice concoction.  Instead I drank spicy hot chocolate and tried some of their exotic single chocolates.  Afterwards we were all feeling a bit peckish, so we hopped next door to Stanbury, a new restaurant/bar.  It was nice, but very pricey, and we felt very ignorant as we tried to figure out exactly what in the world the dishes actually consisted of.  I realized I was out of my depth when the waitress launched into a discussion of a cow’s thymus gland when we asked what sweetbread was.  Bovine glands aside, we had a wonderful time together.

This week at work, we’re raised money for United Way by paying a few dollars to dress according to a daily theme.  Monday was Pajama Day, which was perfectly lovely, but the two most fun were Dress Like a Celebrity (of your choice) Day and Throwback Thursday.  I was Helena Bonham Carter and a 1920s flapper, respectively.




Books: I just finished Look Back All the Green Valley by Fred Chappell, which sadly was not as beautiful as his other novels that I’ve read and loved so much.  Boring isn’t an adjective I typically apply to Chappell, but unfortunately it is apt for much of this book.  Instead of the usual string of funny, tragic, and lovely stories that comprise his other novels, this one is more of a contemporary chronicle of the author’s quest to understand his father’s life, with far fewer digressions.  The digressions were my favorite part, though, and the excessive detail that plagues Chappell’s minute-by-minute recounting makes for a slightly dull reading experience.  The ending did redeem things a bit, and it’s still Chappell, which means it’s still worth reading.