Had a glorious weekend in Winston Salem with my posse of friends!  We have such good times together, even (especially?) when we’re not doing anything in particular.  For instance, hanging around the kitchen sleepily sipping coffee and laughing about nothing is the perfect way to spend a morning.

My Mondays have been splendid lately.  This most recent was spent at Remedy Diner, a mostly vegan restaurant in Raleigh, with friends new and old.  I had a bad cold and was really out of it that evening, and I realized when I got home that I had shorted the waitress on the tip by $2.50.  I mailed a few singles the next day to alleviate my guilty conscience without actually having to drive into downtown Raleigh two nights in a row.  Now I’m just hoping I don’t run into the (probably furious) waitress between now and the time the envelope arrives.

A trip to the farm always makes my week, and on Thursday I made my way to Four Oaks for dinner, archery, and time with the animals.  I realize from personal experience that farm life is not as idyllic as it seems, but the Langdon farm does nothing to dispel the misconception.  A rainbow came out while we were doing archery, the sheep let us pet them, and we ate delicious food outside with the cats milling around us.  All the way home, the sky put on an incredible lightning show.



Books: I’m reading Pavilion of Women by Pearl Buck at the moment.  Buck’s talent astounds me–not just because she’s a very good storyteller (she is), but because she has the knack of making you care whether you want to or not.  I have no kinship with Chinese culture: I have nothing whatsoever against it, but it’s not one of my interests.  I have a hard time wrapping my head around the Eastern mindset; all the more reason to learn more about it, I initially figured, so I did a fair bit of reading on it several years ago.  While I think I understand it better now, the Eastern way of thinking (collectivism instead of individualism, observation over action, etc.) still doesn’t resonate with me at all.  All this is to say, Buck makes me sympathize with and even love a culture that is the antithesis of my personality.  Her love for the people and culture is so strong, and so beautifully expressed, that her readers come out the other side loving them too.

Does anyone know how to switch their author profile on Goodreads back to their regular user profile, short of deleting the author profile altogether?  I’d kind of like my Goodreads friends to see my regular profile instead–my author one seems awfully pretentious, especially for people who know quite well that I am nowhere near that professional. Preliminary googling was unhelpful.