It’s been a little bit of an odd week, for some reason.  I rolled out of bed Wednesday morning in a snarling bad mood that took me the rest of the day to shake, but in the evening we got together for discipleship for the first time in a month, so that improved things.  On Thursday I had the unexpected pleasure of having dinner with Sarah at Greek Fiesta–definitely one of the highlights of the week.  After church on Saturday Mom and Dad and I visited Ed at his place, and we walked around uptown Charlotte and had dinner at a schmancy sushi place and had good Ricker family times.




Books: I fell in love with Fred Chappell during Southern American Lit class at college, and I was reassured to discover I’m still in love.  I ambled through Farewell, I’m Bound to Leave You (another library sale find) and savored every word.  The book is a collection of shorter stories, all told by the family members of the narrator, and each one is captivating.  Some people classify Chappell’s works as magical realism.  I don’t completely agree with that (and for the record, neither does Chappell)–I despise magical realism as a rule–but I do appreciate the taste of whatever it is people are trying to name when they call his work magical realism.  There is something enthralling, unearthly, and completely familiar all at the same time in his work.  Check him out and be enchanted.

I’m almost done with Dragonwitch by my friend Anne Elisabeth Stengl, and the realization that she somehow manages to get even better with every book has struck me anew.  This story is beautifully woven, and I’m completely immersed in it while I’m in that world.  The story within the story is perfectly paced so that you discover the interplay between the tales at just the right time.  Each book adds to the reader’s depth of understanding of the characters, so I feel like I’m getting to know old friends on a new level as the tale unfolds.