I know I sound like a broken record, but I can’t stop singing the praises of the Wake County Book Sale.  I went on the Friday after our NYC trip and bought 18 books.  I only intended to buy the books I absolutely couldn’t live without (and then come back on Sunday for bargain day), but it turns out there are an awful lot of books I can’t live without.  I went back on Sunday anyway, and I am ashamed to say…I bought another 77 books.  For a mere $5, though!  You can’t beat that!  I *had* to take advantage of such a wonderful opportunity!  So I tell myself, anyway, when the guilt of buying 95 books in a few days begins to sit heavy. : P

Speaking of heavy things, I got the keys to my new apartment on the 15th, and I’ve hauled most of my possessions over.  This is where I really begin to question the sanity of buying so many books last week.  Those suckers weigh a ton.  I load a car the way most people play a game of Tetris, so Nickel was packed to the rafters the other day, and he groaned in protestation whenever I took him around a corner.  Poor dear.  But he owes me big time for those new brakes and water pump last month.

Pentecost is Sunday and the Kramers are coming to visit a few days after that, so I’m desperately trying to get all of my stuff moved before then so that I’m free to hang out.  Good times will be had, you may be certain.  The Langdon farm campout is the weekend after next, and I decided to go ahead and finally buy a backpacking tent.  I’ve been wanting one of my own for years, and I found this one at REI that had a decent price and ridiculously good reviews.  With any luck, the weather will cooperate this year and NOT send a deluge, but if it persists in monsooning, I’ll at least be prepared.