I promise I’ll write up my adventures in New  York City shortly, but in the meantime, I have far too many internet finds to share.




Know this:


Books: I picked up a little gem called Boston: Cradle of Liberty by Edward Weeks at the NC State Library book sale just a couple days after I got back from Boston, and the timing couldn’t be more perfect. The book is full of beautiful drawings of Boston, and I thoroughly enjoyed going through it to find places that I had just visited.

I found Logbook for Grace: Whaling Brig Daisy, 1912-1913 by Robert Cushman Murphy (also at the NC State Library booksale), and it’s delightful.  Murphy was a scientist aboard one of the last whaling ships in 1912, and his log (intended for his new bride, Grace) chronicles the end of an era.  It’s a beautiful mix of youthful exuberance (Murphy was only 25, and rather excited by the whole thing), nostalgia for a fast-waning way of life, and wistful sighs (Murphy was madly in love with his young wife, and missed her terribly).  I read half of it on the planes to and from NYC, and I’m looking forward to the rest of Murphy’s adventures.

After Mississippi Jack, I went on to the next book in L.A. Meyer’s series, My Bonny Light Horseman: Being an Account of the Further Adventures of Jacky Faber, in Love and War.  In which our heroine meets Napoleon, manages to enthrall every male she comes across, and generally act like the most annoying of Mary Sues…and yet, still be a completely enjoyable read. I’ve just started Rapture of the Deep: Being an Account of the Further Adventures of Jacky Faber, Soldier, Sailor, Mermaid, Spy.