The highlight of this past week was girls’ night at the Langdon farm, which consisted of watching a fascinating documentary on Russia’s toughest prisons, eating delicious food, and harvesting root vegetables by starlight at 11pm.  Pretty fantastic, this life business.

I was sure I had a lot of other stuff to write about, but it escapes me.  Have some fun things from the internet instead!



Check it out:


Books:  I confess I haven’t finished Confessions (heh); I took a break to read The Moon Is Down by John Steinbeck.  Steinbeck wrote it in 1942 because he thought the Nazis were whupping us when it came to effective propaganda.  He decided he could come up with something better…and he did.  Interestingly, The Moon Is Down was criticized in the US; people thought it was too sympathetic to the Nazis.  Steinbeck was disappointed by the reception, but as the years passed, word got out that the book had been wildly popular amongst the resistance in occupied countries, with people risking their lives to produce and distribute copies.  Read it if you get the chance: it’s still every bit as compelling.