This week was busy in an unexceptional way, as I was working most of my waking moments.  My first big editing job is done, however, and this coming week should be a bit more relaxed.  Saturday was quite entertaining, since I was able to get together with a lovely mob of people at my parents’ house.  My uncle is visiting from the upper peninsula of Michigan, and he tells incredible stories of more wacky hijinks than most people could manage to squeeze into two lifetimes.

Check out The 5 Worst Pieces of Advice You’re Given in Your 20s, written by my friend Jo.




Books: I finished Everlasting Man and am working on Spindle’s End by Robin McKinley.  I usually enjoy McKinley’s fairy tale retellings, and this one, a retelling of Sleeping Beauty, is even better than some of her others.  She’s so good at making fairy tales realistic that sometimes the magical parts feel intrusive, but Spindle’s End strikes just the right blend of normality and the fantastic.  She shouldn’t be able to make me worry so much about the end to a story I already know by heart, but she does.