Snow today!  Throws a wrench in some of my plans, but it’s beautiful, and I enjoyed a good frolic in it earlier.  Now I’m thinking it’s a good afternoon for a cup of hot chocolate and a nap.

Other than philosophy group and a photoshoot session at the arboretum with Sarah, not many interesting happened this week.  Oh, except that Gentry was a womanizing jerk and flirted shamelessly with another dog right in front of his girlfriend, Greta.  He wouldn’t even look at Greta, who was beside herself with fury.  The next day she threw him into the side of a truck twice when they were playing, so he’s paying for his indiscretion.





Books: I recently finished The Kanteletar, which is a collection of Finnish folk songs and poetry  compiled by Elias Lönnrot, the same fellow who compiled Finland’s epic, The Kalevala.  The works vary widely in age, as many of the poems have been passed down in folklore for hundreds of years, but Elias compiled them in the 1800s. I’m a big fan of Finnish poetry and mythology, but I get the feeling not a lot of other folks are these days, outside of Finland; getting my hands on a copy of The Kanteletar took some work.  Most Finnish poetry is written in trochaic tetrameter, which is the same foot used in Longfellow’s “Song of Hiawatha,” and the effect is hypnotic, especially in longer works like the The Kalevala.  Kanteletar means (more or less) “zither-daughter,” a sort of muse.  Some of the poems are beautiful, some are just bizarre outside of context, and they’re all intriguing.

Our philosophy group is back in action, and we’re reading The Everlasting Man by G.K. Chesterton.  I’ve been meaning to read Chesterton for ages and ages and somehow never quite got around to reading a single word of his until now.  Of course, now I’m kicking myself for not getting to him sooner.  He’s brilliant, and his work is engendering great discussion.  I can see why Lewis found him so compelling; he lays his arguments out in a very Lewisian style, though Chesterton is more prone to making less-substantiated claims than the more cautious Lewis.  I would love to get the two of them in a room and just listen to whatever they had to say to each other.