Anne Elisabeth very kindly featured an interview with me on her blog, Tales of Goldstone Wood!  Check it out to learn more details about my life than you ever wanted to know. ; )

On Thursday I had a wonderful time with friends at Humble Pie, listening to live jazz by Peter Lamb and the Wolves.  Parking misadventures notwithstanding, I enjoyed the outing, which is true of most of my Raleigh excursions.  Live jazz is rapidly becoming one of my very favorite things, and this group is particularly talented.

Would anyone be interested in going to hear Caspian on the 16th?  I still haven’t found a soul who is free to go with me, and if there’s a way to attend a concert by oneself and not feel awkward and pathetic, I have not yet discovered it.  Help a girl out here, people.

Know this:


Books: I just finished A Princess of Mars by Edgar Rice Burroughs, which is the first of his Martian books.  I’ve read one of the later books in the series, so it was nice (and much less confusing) to begin at the beginning.  Burroughs, bless him, doesn’t bother to explain at all how exactly his hero reaches Mars; the book may take place on a different planet, but there is no science to speak of in this fiction.  Fine by me, in this case: the book is a rip-snorting, pulp-fiction good time that makes no claims whatsoever to scientific accuracy, which is refreshing in a way. The novel is about imaginative possibility, not scientific possibility, and it’s endearing enough that it doesn’t annoy me with its implausible action scenes.