Very sad week. 😦  Cole, Sam’s dog, passed away, and the dogless apartment isn’t the same.  I didn’t realize how much I talked to Cole all the time; my room is so quiet in the evening now.

Further tire catastrophes have occurred lately, so I’m currently poor as a churchmouse and riding on four brand-spanking-new tires.  I didn’t realize how roughly my car had been riding until feeling how smoothly it drives now.  Sorry, old chap.

In happier news, the Langdons are having a big birthday bash at their farm on Saturday, and I’m leaving for Marquette, MI on Sunday, where wonderful adventures will be had.  Last week was rather full of local adventures; Sarah and I went to dinner at the Piebird (which was heavenly) and then saw Brigadoon at the Burning Coal Theatre, the same group that put on Henry V on trapeze.  Brigadoon wasn’t quite as good as Henry V (probably because there were no trapezes), but it was still very enjoyable and quite well-done.





Books: After finishing up Aristotle, I started The Grapes of Wrath by Steinbeck.  Finding a copy was astoundingly difficult.  I suppose it’s on required reading lists for quite a few schools, so all the students clear out the used book stores.  I had to check several places before I finally found one tattered 99-cent copy left at Mr. Mike’s Used Books in Cary.  I am madly in love with Steinbeck these days, and Wrath is brilliant in a very different way than East of Eden was brilliant.  Still puttering around with the Burns poetry on occasion, but I’m not working very hard at it.