Quiet week so far!  The most exciting thing to happen was a leisurely trip the flea market.  Always entertaining, but I didn’t buy anything.  I’m looking forward to philosophy discussion tomorrow; we’re reading a little bit of Nietzsche, and he’s always entertaining.

Hodge podge:




Book talk: I read the last 150 pages or so of Catch-22 in one gulp late at night, which maybe wasn’t the best way to go about it; I don’t think all of the deaths did wonders for my dreams.  Strange how even though I disliked all of the characters in the book, I was still sad to see them go, and if I don’t quite wish Yossarian the best in his endeavors, I at least wish him better.

At the moment, I’m trudging through Ship of Fools by Katherine Anne Porter.  I fell in love instantly with her book The Old Order, but I confess I don’t feel similarly about this one, at least so far.  It’s aptly named, at least: every character on the boat is either a jerk, none too bright, or both, and finding someone with whom to sympathize is difficult.  I’m sure she’s saying something with all of that, but I haven’t figured out what yet.