Man.  It’s been a rough couple of weeks.  Half of my friends are going through some kind of crisis or other, and work has been hideous lately.  Next week better behave itself by comparison or I’m kicking it in the shins.

On to happier topics.  I completely forgot to post pictures from last week’s festivities!  Me with the Singin’ in the Rain poster, posing awkwardly (“What does a flapper sit like?”), and with a group of other costumed movie attendees.  Also, here’s me working on my 1920s cow for Cow Appreciation Day with friends.

I’ve decided that I’ll dress up for the Star Trek screening if a friend or two ends up going with me.  I don’t know if I’m brave enough to go alone in costume.  Come on, you guys, you don’t have to dress up, just come along to laugh and point at me.




On Monday we’re discussing the second half of Pilgrim’s Regress, which I enjoyed reading and admired even more than the first.  I found Superbia to be the most genuinely disturbing character in the book; that’s quite a visual, there (and one which I will not spoil for those of you who haven’t read it).  A lot of Lewis’s points make me squirm; he holds a mirror up to me and makes me look at myself more honestly.  He’s enjoyable medicine, though, and I love reading his works.

I just finished Valley of the Sun by Louis L’Amour, yet another short story collection.  I promise, I only have a couple more to go after this and then I’ll be done talking about westerns for a good long while.  More of the same, quintessential L’Amour stories, but none of them particularly knocked my socks off.  All of those lean-jawed hombres with tied-down guns and names like Rye Taylor, Ward McQueen, and Red Clanahan are starting to blend together; I need to take a break pretty soon here. : P