I am currently surrounded by boxes and boxes of books, who are waiting patiently for the big moving day.  I hate moving, but I do enjoy packing and unpacking books.  I like tucking them gently away into boxes, arranging them by size and nestling them in comfortably until everyone is all set to go on their journey.  Unpacking them is even more fun, as I get to reorganize them on the shelves.  The only likable part of moving!  I’m not thinking about the unlikable parts for now.

For those who are interested, the magazine in which my story was published is now available for order online!


This just in:

  • J.J. Abrams is making a new show called Revolution, and parts of the trailer intrigue me, like the images of the way the lights go out.  The rest just looks dumb, sadly–“I spent the last 15 years without electricity learning implausible martial arts!”  I also must confess to a petulant, hipster annoyance every time I see bows and crossbows included in the newest hyped-up entertainment.  “I liked archery before it was cool, darn it!”  But points for including one of my favorite songs, “Touched” by VAST, in the trailer.
  • Which birth dates are most common?  I get a little bit of a kick out of being born in January, the most uncommon month.
  • Date trainwreck, live-tweeted from Starbucks.
  • Peak Condition with Toast and Raccoon.