I just returned from an exceedingly eventful camping trip at the Langdon farm with a massive posse of friends!  We constructed an adorable tent city (Occupy Four Oaks, much better organized than the typical Occupy movement but sadly likewise doomed to failure) and trooped happily inside for dinner.  Then came the deluge.  My family’s old tent bravely resisted the torrential downpour and high winds for an admirable length of time, but alas, the elements proved too much for it, and we watched as it shredded itself in the lost cause of attempting to keep my and Sam’s bedding dry.  By the time the rain finally stopped, several other tents had also succumbed, and the Langdons’ dryer was kept busy for hours drying out all of the sodden sleeping bags.  Undaunted, we managed to start a fire and roast a few marshmallows before disaster struck again.  One person burned himself pretty badly roasting the marshmallows, another cut her finger while trying to trim a roasting stick, and another got a bug in her eye.  Fortunately one member of our intrepid company was a med student, so everyone was patched up in time to get rained on again.  We kind of gave up on the outdoors for a while after that and settled for laughing and talking and fussing over Cole the dog until late into the night.  By then our clothes had dried for the most part, and we had extra tents, so most of us went back out to the tent city for the night to catch as much sleep as one ever catches while camping.

This morning we ate truly astonishing amounts of bacon, nodded off over our coffee, and went for a wet walk in the woods.  We saw two snakes, managed to keep Kim away from both (with some difficulty), climbed a tree, and took a LOT of pictures.  (None of which were on my camera, but Sarah rescued the photos from the black hole of Luke’s camera, so we may see them someday.)  We were wading through the poison ivy, so I’m sure at least a couple of us will be a mite on the itchy side tomorrow, but I suspect it was worth it.  Finally, after lunch and a few games, we cleaned up our mess, packed up our sad little tents, and went on our way.  Until next time, my friends!

I ran across a couple reviews of the journal in which my story was published.  One person said, “A nicely told little tale,” another said it was “Quite sketchy,” whatever that means.  Pretty moderate, which is encouraging.  It sort of feels like one shouldn’t take either the very good reviews or the very bad reviews seriously, if one were to get them.  Can you imagine, for example, being Stephenie Meyer and reading both the vicious attacks AND the obsessive gushing?  You couldn’t believe either one and keep your sanity, I would think.

I have all sorts of things to say about books I’ve been reading and an atrocious movie I saw (Anonymous), but tomorrow is another day.  Then, on Tuesday…Boston trip for work!  Should be exciting.  I’m going to cram as much history into my off-hours as is humanly possible.  I’ll report on my level of success.


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