We have a new apartment!  On Thursday, Sam and I signed up to have them hold it for us, with a move-in date of May 30th.  The place is lovely…a giant screened porch, garden plot, lots of trees, close to Lake Johnson, couldn’t be better.  The price could be, but I can swing it if I’m well-behaved and don’t eat out with friends or go to bookstores much.  Now I’m actually excited about moving and wish I could get it done sooner rather than later.  We’ll have to host a shindig once we’re all settled in and comfy.

I’m realizing as I type this up that this week has been ridiculously uneventful aside from apartment-hunting and eating unleavened bread.  I barely even read this week!  So, without further ado, on to the internet!  Which was also very quiet, actually.

Wish me luck with my story reading tomorrow!  If you can’t come but would like to know what’s going down, apparently you can follow it live on Twitter, however that works.