The library booksale was glorious, and if you like books at all and are in the Raleigh area, you should definitely check it out this weekend.  I browsed for over an hour and a half and didn’t see nearly everything: it seemed like there were acres of books.  I showed extreme restraint (I thought) and only bought the books I couldn’t live without because I knew everything would be cheaper later in the sale, if slightly picked-over.  I fully intend to load up on Sunday.  Might need a pickup truck…

It may be slightly foolish of me to be buying boxes of books right now, since it appears I may be moving shortly.  Our current lease is running out, and our rent is going to be going up by something like $300 per month if we stay.  Moving is such a pain, I’m not looking forward to it at all, but I don’t see how we can stay here.  I don’t own much, and that’s how I prefer it—except when it comes to books, and books are horrible to move, particularly up and down stairs.  Looking on the bright side, though, I’ll have biceps of steel by the time this is over.

As promised, here are pictures of me and Sam dressed up for the Casablanca showing.  In this shot I look so much like my grandmother when she was young.





I left off bravely soldiering through Schiller’s essays to read Moonblood by Anne Elisabeth Stengl, my friend and fellow member of the Literary League.  (I still can’t get over that I’m friends with a real live published author!)  This is the third book in her trilogy, Tales of Goldstone Wood, and it is absolutely lovely.  I enjoyed the first two books, but this one is definitely my favorite so far.  I really think these three read best one after the other to fully appreciate the way AE wove everything together.  Everything that felt unsatisfying to me in the first two was beautifully explained in the third one, and I ended up staying up late (again) to finish it.