Our annual renaissance fair trip was an excellent time, as always.  I almost think maybe we should skip a year, though…it’s disconcerting to realize that you recognize all of the people in costume.  And some of them recognize you.  I did love the falconry, though, and I made the acquaintance of a raven (aptly) named Lenore.

On December 4th I’m going with some friends and one of my old professors to see Henry V (my favorite Shakespeare play)…on trapeze.  Yep.  This is either going to be brilliant or utterly horrifying.  Either way, I suspect we’ll enjoy ourselves.  Expect a full report!



Writing and music:

Finally finished Greatest Horse Stories, thankfully.  They were not great.  I’m suing for false advertising.  Now I’m working on The Atlas of Middle Earth, which is an astoundingly detailed, legitimate atlas put together by a cartographer with a frankly incredible knowledge of Tolkien’s writing.  I’ve seen maps of the US put together with less skill and care.