In a burst of mercy, the weather finally took pity on me, and we are currently enjoying unusually low temperatures.  I cannot begin to describe to you how nice it is to be comfortable again!  I’ve been sleeping so much better; all summer long, I would wake up in the middle of the night too hot to sleep.  I love every inch of fall.  I don’t even mind the grey days.  Summer is so unremittingly bright here, my eyes get tired of it.  Grey days are so easy on the eyes, and the sun doesn’t feel like a sledgehammer to the skull.  I should’ve been born in a Norwegian cabin, or on a Siberian tundra, or in the coldest corner of Iceland.  I’ll have to do some time-hopping and see about arranging that, catastrophic temporal paradoxes aside.

Words that don’t exist in the English language. Waldeinsamkeit: the feeling of being alone in the woods.  (See also: best feeling ever.

What we owe to Shakespeare.  Aside from just about everything, obviously.  What a piece of work.

You know sometimes, humanity, you aren’t so bad.

Original model of the starship Enterprise NCC-1701 being housed at the Smithsonian.  Clearly I need to get back to DC as soon as possible.

So, Adam Bede turned out to be pretty mediocre, sad to say.  In a fit of masochism, I’ve decided to read the rest of the novels in my George Eliot omnibus, so I’m currently working my way through Silas Marner.  Marner is at least more entertaining than Adam Bede, if only because my introduction to the story was in the Wishbone episode about the novel, and it’s pretty fun to imagine the main character as a Jack Russell terrier.  Next up, The Mill on the Floss!  Sadly, I don’t know of any cute dog renditions of that particular book, so I’m on my own there…