Mmm, delicious long weekend.  I went kayaking for the first time yesterday when a group of friends and I all headed out to Lake Wheeler.  There was a lot of boat-swapping as people in canoes tried kayaking and people in single kayaks tried doubles and all possible permutations therein.  Then of course the water was just lovely, so there was a lot of “accidentally” falling in.  After that, we made the journey to Sunni Skies for fabulous ice cream (half scoop chocolate orange, half scoop root beer…heavenly), then onwards to a Sarah’s house for pizza and Quelf, a hilarious game Kim discovered.  Highlights included Sarah doing an admirable imitation of a mime trapped in a box with four rabid ferrets, David singing a love song to one of the cards, Sam reading backwards in a foreign accent, and me doing the hula.  As board games go, certainly one of the more entertaining ones out there!

This is for real:



This week’s reading included a book of Greek tragedies.  So far I’ve read Agamemnon, Prometheus Bound, Oedipus the King, and I’m working on Antigone.  I’m not really a big fan of Greek mythology (compared to other mythologies), and somehow I thought I would feel similarly about Greek tragedies.  So far, though…I have to say, I’m really enjoying them.  I prefer tragedies (or at least histories) to comedies when it comes to plays anyway, and these have some really great lines.  Granted, they’re not the cheeriest bit of lunchtime reading ever, but I find dealing with difficult clients is much easier when I compare my problems to those of the plays’ characters.  It’s all relative, I suppose.