Well, here we are.  WordPress is a handy little beast, I must say.  I suspect we’ll be friends very shortly.

Snazzy videos I’ve run across (I hate to end that with a preposition, but “videos across which I’ve run” sounded pedantic even to me, so…):


So Queens’ Play by Dunnett turned out to be bloody fantastic.  Still very dense (as in compact, not as in stupid), so it took me some time to get through.  I felt as if it were a bit over my head; I’m only somewhat familiar with that page in history, and even then, I know the events more than the players.  I kept belatedly recognizing political attachments and feuds after the fact because I didn’t know who was affiliated with whom.  It felt like historical fiction for the history scholar, and while a scholar I certainly am not, it was lovely to read such a well-written book.

I went to the library to return a book and nearly ran smack into a book called Robota, by Doug Chiang and Orson Scott Card.  It looked so intriguing that I picked it up on the spot and ran out into the rain with it.  The illustrations are absolutely magnificent, full of sailing ships and spaceships and robots and dinosaurs and giant monkeys.  Really, I didn’t see how one could possibly go wrong with that combination.  The plot was a little shaky, particularly at the end, but I can’t say too much against the book, with pictures like these.