I don’t really know what happened to April. If someone finds out, inform me. It seems to have vanished in a hectic blur of excellent times with friends, sleep deprivation, and work; all in all, I guess there are worse ways to lose a month.

I dreamed the other night that my friends and I came to a marble wall, and everyone was allowed to shoot a pebble at it. Over hundreds of years, the pebble dents had spelled out a message: “The return in fourteen years.” I love it when my subconscious is cryptic. Of course, the next dream that evening included me going to a theater production about Lord of the Rings fonts (yup) with my grumpy coworker, so maybe I hope neither one is prophetic.

What a delightful little blog…
5 Myths About the “Information Age”. “More books are produced in print each year than in the previous year. One million new titles will appear worldwide in 2011. In one day in Britain—”Super Thursday,” last October 1—800 new works were published.” *cheers*

A new episode of Doctor Who is on today, so catch up first with Doctor Who: 47 Years in Six Minutes and a tribute to Elisabeth Sladen.

We had some excitement the other day when tornadoes whipped through the area. Very few people were as chill about it as this dude.
Human flight. Sign me up.
8 Movie Special Effects You Won’t Believe Aren’t CGI.
70 Photos That Will Take Your Breath Away.
Goat stampede.
Historic Disney princesses. :/