Eventful times! Last weekend was packed with magnificence. On Friday I headed back to CU to see a friend’s senior recital, which was superb. We hung out afterwards, running into old friends and professors, then hightailing it out to the golf course to run around like maniacs just like old times. On Saturday Sam and I had our first party at the new apartment, and a grand time was had by all, I do believe. On Sunday, an intrepid small band of us braved the Raleigh renaissance fair, which was exceedingly anticlimactic in itself, but we still had a lovely time since we were all there together. Got to watch some sword fighting and some dudes throwing telephone poles, so that was fun.

Having a great vocabulary didn’t save the thesaurus.
Sandworm size chart. Important info to have on hand.

Unbelieve footage of the tsunami. Holy crap.
Twitter finds a missing child in three hours. Impressive, I have to say.
Photography by Tim Flach.
The mountain in the galaxy.
Keep your thumbs still when I’m talking to you.
Continue to be cool, Sweden.

This is a terrible, terrible, just slightly tempting idea. Then again, the excruciating pain does dampen my enthusiasm.
Freerunning academy. Sign me up.

“You Are a Tourist” by Death Cab for Cutie.

So, there wasn’t any actual incest in The Sound and the Fury; a character lied. That’s good, I guess? You have no idea I had to work to figure that out. I get the distinct feeling that Faulkner has ideas worth reading…I just can’t seem to find them most of the time. I loved The Unvanquished, but everything I’ve read since then has been most disappointing.

On the other hand, I highly recommend Nation by Terry Pratchett. It has a somewhat (well, maybe very) atheistic bent, but darn if it isn’t perfectly done. If you’re expecting a Discworld novel…don’t. It’s still funny in spots, but it doesn’t take place in the same universe, either in terms of literal setting or literary approach. Exceedingly intriguing.

Borders, as you probably know, is going out of business (or at least 1/3 of their stores are, including two near me). I picked up a copy of Nightlight, a Twilight parody, for a couple bucks as I was picking the bones of my local store. Terribly funny at first, progressing to mildly amusing as I realized that I really didn’t want to have to rehash the original book, even if it was in parody form. That one’s going on the free shelf.

Now I’m working on The Game of Kings by Dorothy Dunnett, a historical fiction piece set in 16th century Scotland. It took me a good 150 pages to really get into the story for some reason, and I’ve been moving along very slowly, but in spite of that I think I may love it. The hero is so much of an anti-hero as to really be no hero at all, but he’s quite entertaining for all that, and the book is undeniably well-researched.