It is the day of emotional extremes. One of my short stories is going to be published! As in I will actually be paid for it! I got an exceedingly complimentary acceptance letter, which was timed wonderfully; I received a particularly nasty rejection letter a couple weeks ago, and I wasn’t discouraged, exactly, but, well. I soared on the acceptance letter high for a couple hours, until I went to H and R Block to figure out this year’s damage, what with being a contractor and all. That was the single most depressing evening of 2011 so far, that’s certain. SELF EMPLOYMENT TAX IS DIABOLICAL. Discovering the ins and outs of that was a fairly enraging experience.

Today I spent the afternoon with Sam, apartment hunting, and we found a lovely place that will suit our needs admirably. We sign the papers tomorrow, but we won’t be moving in until April 8th, which also suits my needs (and my lease term) admirably. All will be well in the end.


Don’t date a girl who reads. Found by Danielle.
Dancers Among Us, a photojourney in NY. Mild nudity in the header.
There is something terribly poetic about being born in a tree and never letting your paws touch the ground.

Edgar Allan Poe crime show? Horrifying or brilliant, it’s so hard to tell sometimes.
The BBC is starting a new scifi series called Outcasts. Also potentially brilliant? It’s early days.
Mal Solo, quite possibly the coolest t-shirt known to mankind.
Then again, this one ain’t bad either.

Ryan vs. Brandon 2!!! So…these dudes may or may not be my heroes. I’ve been avidly following their Youtube career for some time now, eagerly awaiting the next film. Kudos, gentlemen. Kudos.
Gene Roddenberry’s original pitch for Star Trek. He makes up his own version of the Drake equation right off the bat! Oh, Gene. Your awesomeness knows no bounds. Wait wait. USS Yorktown? Well. Glad you relegated that name to another ship. Also, I’m making fun of your typos.

“Quelqu’un m’a dit” by Carla Bruni, found by Rachael.