I love driving in the fall because, when I first start out, the leaves on my car stream back over the windshield, and it reminds me of going into hyperspace in Star Wars.

My friend Anne Elisabeth’s second book, Veiled Rose, is available for preorder! You should check it out.

Some lovely photography for you to peruse.
The annotated Sherlock, an article pointing out many of the book references in the show.

Welcome back. Flash mob at the airport!
“One Day Like This” by Elbow.

When I first heard about the movie Cowboys and Aliens, I thought it sounded truly atrocious. It still does, but I must admit that I found the trailer entertaining.

You will be pleased to hear that On Basilisk Station did finally improve somewhat. The net result was still disappointment, though. Every time something was on the verge of happening, the author would pause the action and go into the history of that particular character’s planet, complete with political turmoil and class distinctions. By the time he finally got back to the action, you’d forgotten what was even happening, and all forward momentum was lost. *makes a face*

Tomorrow, the renaissance fair! You should come. 🙂