I take back all the sweet things I said about butterflies. This week I was ambushed by a butterfly thug. He took my wallet and knocked me down, and I’m pretty sure he stole candy from some babies. Monarchs: tonight on America’s Most Wanted!

Well, he didn’t take my wallet. But he did ambush me as I was going into work and flapped in my face in a very thuggish manner. I felt thoroughly accosted, and I’m sure anyone watching was thoroughly amused by the sight of a (supposedly) grown woman held at bay by a butterfly.

Only a couple links for you today. The internet has been quiet!
Wookiee the Pooh. Magical idea! James Hance’s artwork in general is quite intriguing.
Black tie at the beach, by Improv Everywhere (naturally).

Sadly, the narrative poetry by Lewis, while good, was nowhere near as good as his prose. It’s somewhat reassuring that not even Lewis can do everything well, I suppose.

I got sidetracked from Walden by Stephen King’s On Writing. I don’t really like King. Undeniably, he has some talent, but…he’s just not my cup of tea. That said, I’m really enjoying this book. It’s half memoir, half suggestions on how to write well, and all of it is both entertaining and useful. His thoughts on writing make a lot of sense to me, and I can see why this is considered the writer’s Bible by some folk.

My left foot feels sore, like I jumped from too high onto concrete. It didn’t start hurting until I stepped out of bed yesterday morning, from which I can conclude I was leaping from rooftop to rooftop fighting crime in my sleep again. Either that or I had another run-in with that nasty butterfly…