The number of butterflies flitting about this year is nothing short of incredible. I was all grumbly about something the other day, and a couple butterflies danced by, and I realized it made me smile in spite of myself, and then I was more grumbly because it was about the sappiest, most cliche moment ever. But then I smiled again. Butterflies: not even penguins can resist ’em. I may have accidentally ran one over the other day, though. They were everywhere! I couldn’t help it! Now I have a macabre butterfly-wing hood ornament. Sorry, little dude.

I realize that I started off this post with butterflies, and sadly it is not going to become any less gushy. I am currently over the moon about the BBC’s series Sherlock, a modern adaptation of the classic (I know, I know, modern…but it still manages to be brilliant!), and all of you should get yourselves over to Surf the Channel or your British television purveyor of choice and watch this thing. It’s snappy and quick and exceedingly entertaining. One of the reviews I saw had the title “Conan Doyle is spinning in his grave…with delight!” And that pretty much sums it up. I was completely hooked within the first ten minutes, so packed were they with gleeful nods to the books and witty dialogue. There are only three episodes, but each one is an hour and a half long, so it’s basically like six episodes, which is typical of BBC shows. Also, good news: it’s been renewed for a second season!

I was all set to post a link to the deleted Return of the Jedi scene that’s going to be on the Blue Ray release, but…youtube went and took it down. *shakes fist* Just wait, though. Somebody will leak it again.

I know. Shut up about Tron already. But check it out! Daft Punk is doing the music for Tron: Legacy! Fantastic.

The Poladroid Project.
The Seabreacher. Heck yes.
My life is average. I feel really dumb, but I can’t seem to figure out exactly what the point of this is. It is nonetheless amusing.

Singin’ in the Rain: Special Edition
Soldier surprise homecoming mix. I warned you that it was only going to get more gushy. But trust me, it’s worth watching. You will smile.
Giant beach bubbles. I love how they disappear when they pop. It’s like some beautiful creature from another dimension passing from our reality forever, and some kid will see that, and grow up to be an interdimensional traveler just because of that.

I’m reading Walden by Thoreau cover-to-cover for the first time (I’ve had to read chunks for various classes, but that’s all), and I have to say, the American transcendentalists may have been crazy, but they were pretty genius too. I am sorely tempted to go buy an axe and live in the woods. Except that it’s August, so that would be suicidal for me. Maybe I should move to New England and muse on man’s needless desperation for a while first. I’m also starting up a brilliant book of narrative poetry by C.S. Lewis that Sam lent me. I predict brilliance. Lewis actually wrote a narrative poem backed on Wagner’s Ring Cycle when he was 15. *shakes head* Marry me, Clive Staples.

Well, that was the mushiest post ever. In an effort to salvage the remaining shreds of my reputation, here’s some guy doing triple back flips off of a giant rope swing. There.