I think I should add Danish to the list of languages to learn in my lifetime. I recently discovered that the Danish word ordekvilibrist means “word equilibrist, master of words,” and I may have fallen in love. Equilibrist is a pretty fantastic word all on its own, actually.

Have you ever heard of pygmy jerboas? Neither had I, but if there’s anything that tap dances on the line between cute and creepy, it’s this thing. As I watched the video, I realized I was getting more and more tense, expecting it to leap at the camera, unsheath a formidable set of fangs, and disembowel the cameraman at any moment. If I were an alien race bent on the conquest of Earth, I would genetically engineer packs of these guys, ship them down to the planet, wait until every household fell under their oddly cute spell, and then, when the time was right…order my army of pygmy jerboas to ATTACK! (Duh, aliens look like rabbits. Where have you been?)

Speaking of things I’ve never heard of, check out the mole cricket. It takes very little imagination to see one of these things growing to a tremendous size and eating Manhattan. I consider myself to be a fairly tough chick, but if I woke up one morning and saw this face looking at me, I would scream.

If murdered… Where, in the event of your untimely demise, you can leave instructions for your loved ones. “If murdered, please teach my son fencing and then legally change his name to Inigo Montoya.”

I was recently introduced to the concept of the flash mob, which is, so far as I can tell, when a group of people plan to meet in a public place and do something weird all together. Then I realized that was basically Improv Everywhere, so I was familiar with the concept after all, just not the term. Anyway, these things are fabulous! Do these happen in Raleigh? Can we *make* them happen in Raleigh?
Food Revolution flash mob.
Sound of Music in Antwerp.
Eurovision 2010 flash mob.
Improv Everywhere’s Human Mirror.

Martin Firrell’s sci fi project. This is why I love science fiction. Magnificent idea. Best ones are by Nathan Fillion and Ben Browder.
I really didn’t get why the whole 3D thing was suddenly cool. And I still don’t. But, this is undeniably brilliant.